(source: Swedish Axe Throwing Society)

Only the ‘Front-Bit’ of the Double Bit Axe can score a hit on the target area – the bit
must however stick in the target. The Front-Bit only needs to touch the line
separating two scoring areas to win the points of the higher scoring area. The winner
is whoever has the best score after a pre-defined number of throws.

1: Distance throwing line/target = 6.1 m (20’)
2: Height = 1.5 m (60”)
3: Front-Bit
4: Back-Bit

Double Axe
1: Length = min. 610 mm (24”)
2: Edge = max. 152 mm (6”)
3: Weight = min. 1134 g (2 1/2 lb) incl. handle

1. Each ring = 50 mm (2”)
2: Target Diameter = 450 mm (18”)

Bulls Eye shall be painted in black and the scoring rings in red

A Double-Axe is thrown at a wooden target. The max. and min. dimensions for the competition throwing axe are as shown above.

The design and measurements of the target and the points for each circular section are shown in the illustration above.

The distance from the throwing line to the bull’s eye of the target is 6.1 m (20’).

The thrower must not step over the throwing line before the axe has hit or missed the target. This should be monitored by a line judge. A thrower who steps over the line gets 0 points.

The Front-Bit is the bit facing the target at the moment when the thrower releases the axein their throw at the target.

Only the Front-Bit of the Double Axe can score a hit on the target area – but the bit must stick in the target. (In a traditional throw, the axe handle usually points towards the ground for a valid hit.)

The Front-Bit only needs to touch the line separating two scoring areas to win the points of the higher scoring area.

The Back-Bit must not touch the target. If the Back-Bit touches the target, the throw is given 0 points, even if the Fore-Bit has hit the target at the same time.

The winner is the person with the highest points after at least 3 throws, or the number of throws announced in advance by the organizer. (Best of five or six throws is common).

Before the competition, a special target for practice throws must be made available. Throwers practicing on the competition target will be disqualified from the competition.

Competition classes: Seniors women and men. Juniors women and men. Competitors less than 16 years old are considered as juniors. The competition referee will decide on the lower age limit on a case-by-case basis. For a competition class to achieve competition status, it must include at least three participants. If the number of participants in a junior class is fewer than three, they are to be moved up to the senior class.

The competition referee is appointed by the organizers. If the competition is organized byan axe throwing club, the club’s committee appoints the referee. The referee appoints the competition jury and the number of officials required: safety marshals, umpires etc.

The competition referee must check and be responsible for compliance with the official safety rules. If there are safety issues, the referee must stop the competition until such issues have been resolved. The competition referee must always inform competitors and spectators about the official safety rules.

Within a competition, the referees are not allowed to move the axe to check for anyhigher scoring. Again, only the visible part of the valid throw will be scored.

Divergent throwing techniques (one-handed or from the lower hand) must be displayed to the respective competition judge before the start of the competition. This then decides on the admissibility.

Due to different natural environments in the countries it’s difficult to define only one kindof wood for training or competition. The recommendation for this is to use spruce, fir or poplar.

The handle must have a wooden core. all other core materials are not allowed. The wooden core must be visible at the eye of each axe.

For Global Axe Throwing Committees (GAC) competitions, the Bulls Eye shall be painted in black and the scoring rings in red.

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