for sanctioned events

including World championships, continental and national championships level tournaments

  • Two (2) years prior to the World Championships
  • One (1) year prior to a continental or national championship

Single Individual competition

Throwing categories

  • Male/ Female
  • Junior/ Senior- younger than 16= junior, all others senior
  • Teams

Qualification and Finals

●        Qualification

●        Quarter Final

●        Semi Final

●        Final (Championship Round) – Alternative A

●        Knockout (KO) Final – Alternative B

Team Competition

  • A similar mode like the single competition;
  • Classic Competition Style;
  • qualification> quarter and/or semifinal> final;
  • Single Elimination Style 1 vs 1 and drop out after 1 lost round;
  • Double Elimination 1 vs 1 and drop out after 2 lost rounds (please see pictures)

How to organize a competition

●        Number of targets

●       Number of referees and jury

●        IT Equipment

●        Standard Scoring Program

●        Opening/ Closing

●        Communication

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